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День Радио [SPB HW R&D]

2021 January 11


Viacheslav Kaloshin in День Радио [SPB HW R&D]
аж заколдобился


Bastad Green in День Радио [SPB HW R&D]
Andrew Strokov
боюсь смотреть
и не надо
2021 January 14


Ivan in День Радио [SPB HW R&D]
2021 January 20


Зафод Библброкс... in День Радио [SPB HW R&D]
Radi-uhoh: What is this SDR thing and how do I use it?

This workshop will shares the basics of radio signals, how they are used to convey information, how devices communicate, and best of all, how to act as one of those devices!

Radio waves are all around us, chattering in a myriad of protocols, and almost all of it is available for the listening in one way or another. This workshop, held during the 2020 Hackaday Remoticon, demystifies these magical radio waves to the science, protocol, and math they really are!

Agenda :
- basic SDR
- Essential hardware
- Essential and optional software for building projects
- Investigating hardware you own
- How you can use proprietary stuff more effectively